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Communication of Prices and Shelfspace Organisation

Gran variedad de perfiles para etiqueta de papel y etiqueta electrónica que unido a nuestro sistema optimus, hacen que el lineal esté siempre ordenado y con un espacio perfectamente optimizado.

Paper label profiles

Paper label profiles

  • Complete versatility
  • Prices and clear presentations with the product
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Profiles, Electronic label cases, Disassembly tools, Fastening clips, POS media, Price holder for perishables.


  • Profiles and supports for electronic label
  • A different way of signaling the price in the shelfspace
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Profiles, disassembly tools.


  • It allows to lodge indistrictly labels of Pricer and SES
  • The most versatile solution for electronic labels
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Optimus System

Optimus System

  • Separators, pushers and rails for a perfect implantation
  • It allows to have the linear organized and segmented
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