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Renovation of our production plant


In Grupo OM we have developed the digital printing section of our industrial park with the aim of continuing to guarantee the best quality in the market, so we can continue to offer a product that exceeds the expectations of our most demanding customers.

We have incorporated, among others, the Rho P10 200 which already works for three shifts most of the time, and thanks to its configuration Full Equipe, with 6C and Fine Art module, will guarantee the most demanding needs of our customers.

In 2018, we plan an integral redesign of the layout of our production plan, as well as the implementation of various projects for organizational improvement and new investments in equipment.
Thanks to our continuous monitoring of any possible technical innovation allows us to stay at the forefront of the market, according to José Carlos Marcuello, Grupo OM's operations director, in the Interempresas article.

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