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Grupo OM present at Expo Antad & Alimentaria 2018

Grupo OM present in the last edition of Expo Antad & Alimentaria held in Guadalajara (Mexico) during the past 6, 7 and 8 March.

With more than 15,500 m2 and more than 1800 exhibitors from 37 countries, Expo Antad & Alimentaria continues to be the reference fair in mexican retail.

In our stand, apart from presenting our innovative solutions that improve the consumer's shopping experience at the point of sale, was the launch of our solution "Living Display" that emotionally connects brands with their consumers, creating a focus of attraction at the point of sale.

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Collaboration with the Padre Garralda Foundation #PorUnMundoMejor

Each one of the more than 100 people that make up Grupo OM have wanted to contribute our bit in the "Project Strada" of the Padre Garralda Foundation.

Last December, during our Christmas Team Building, we got involved in the construction of several bicycles that we later gave to the children, who received them with great joy. we wanted to make a small video about this collaboration that we hope will be the beginning of many other collaborations with this foundation.

From Grupo OM we want to praise the work of the Padre Garralda Foundation. With this project are helping single-parent families with limited resources, but at the same time with abundant desire and enthusiasm to be happy.

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Renovation towards innovation

The specialized press is talking about the acquisition of the Spyder X in our industrial park.

Due to the different needs of the large retail sector and our desire to provide the best innovative solutions to our customers, it has led us to continue betting, in accordance with the company's plan, to renovate our industrial park.

For this we have relied on the technology of Inca Digital and its Spyder X. It will allow us to be more versatile and faster, handling both rigid and flexible materials at a maximum speed of up to 230 m2/h of production with fine point and high precision.

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Also in 2018 #FuerzaMéxico

Last September, Mexico experienced two of the largest earthquakes detected since 1985. Coincidentally, one of them occurred exactly the same day 32 years ago, so that September 19 is marked in every Mexican heart.

On September 7 there was an earthquake with magnitude 8.2 with epicenter in the Gulf of Tehuantepec and two weeks later, on September 19 an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale, with epicenter in the state of Puebla, near the capital and affecting several states.

Grupo OM after three months, continues to show solidarity with donations and aid to the Mexican people, trying to calm the suffering and need.
The aid is made through the Mexican Red Cross ($ 40,000 MN), which is invested in rescue units, medical equipment, training and coordination of volunteers responsible for delivering food in the affected areas. This aid is also given through the Ergo Brigade, whom has already delivered to people in need, this humanitarian aid is delivered from hand to hand and was distributed in the Xochimilco area in the CDMX.

After three months where the work has been arduous, we hope Grupo OM´s small granite it will serve to go ahead together.

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Renovation of our production plant

In Grupo OM we have developed the digital printing section of our industrial park with the aim of continuing to guarantee the best quality in the market, so we can continue to offer a product that exceeds the expectations of our most demanding customers.

We have incorporated, among others, the Rho P10 200 which already works for three shifts most of the time, and thanks to its configuration Full Equipe, with 6C and Fine Art module, will guarantee the most demanding needs of our customers.

In 2018, we plan an integral redesign of the layout of our production plan, as well as the implementation of various projects for organizational improvement and new investments in equipment. Thanks to our continuous monitoring of any possible technical innovation allows us to stay at the forefront of the market, according to José Carlos Marcuello, Grupo OM's operations director, in the Interempresas article.

You can consult the complete article in the following link: See full article on Interempresas

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