Project "Anti-theft system" | Chedraui, Mexico

Project "Anti-theft system" in which Grupo OM has collaborated with Chedraui for the prevention and reduction of the external theft. It has been carried out in its new format of proximity "Supercito" (250-300 m2), where the crime rate is very high.
Deodorants spray, shampoo and hair dyes, body creams, blister cosmetics, and foods such as coffee or consomme. Home | To solve this problem from Grupo OM México we proposed the combination of three of our innovative solutions that would most adapt to the different types of product:

- Red Spiral Security Hook

- Invisi-Shield Security Window

- Optimus Pushers and PZ Sure Set Pushers

Thanks to this implementation, it was possible to reduce the unknown loss caused by external theft. Also it has got a visually more attractive category, keeping all the products within reach of customers. Such is the efficiency of our solutions that has been replicated in several stores in its medium format "Super Che" (1000 m2).

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Project "Anti-theft system" | Chedraui, Mexico |
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Project "Anti-theft system" | Chedraui, Mexico

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