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Secure Payment

By Credit Card

Our e-commerce payment system, 3-D Secure using Verified-by-Visa or Mastercard SecureCode through the SERMEPA (BBVA) payment gateway, is 100% secure for all our customers. The system reports back to the bank which issued the card being used for payment and asks for the customer's password / PIN / signature / security code, which is then used in conjunction with the card number, expiry date and the 3 digits on the back to guarantee a secure transaction.

This password / PIN / signature / security code can be requested in different ways, depending on the bank in question. For the purpose of simplification, we shall refer to it as ECS Security Code or Secure E-Commerce ECS Code.

Only clients who have an ECS Code issued by their bank in order to make secure e-commerce payments can make credit card payments on our platform. This is because we prefer to work with the most secure system, and this ECS Code for electronic commerce is 100% secure and fraud-proof.

Please contact your bank if your card does not have an ECS code for secure electronic commerce, as this is a simple procedure and does not require a new card to be issued. This procedure depends on each bank. Instructions on how to get an ECS code for Secure Electronic Commerce from major banks and savings banks.

The first thing to consider is the name which each bank uses to refer to this code, as it may vary from bank to bank.

It is a straightforward process, which some banks even do over the Internet or by telephone.

This process is always free of charge.


PayPal is the undisputed leader in online payments: it has more than 100 million accounts in 190 countries around the world. It is accepted as a form of payment by many sellers and retailers, not only on eBay.

Is it safe to use?
PayPal protects your financial information with the best security and fraud-prevention system on the market. PayPal never discloses your financial details to the seller.

Why use PayPal?

1. Shop and make payments with PayPal: it is free of charge (see conditions).
2. Register your details with PayPal and buy with confidence.
3. Millions of sellers worldwide accept PayPal, and it is currently the most widely used form of payment.

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