Project "Innovation" | Consum, Spain

Project "Innovation" in which Grupo OM has worked closely with Supermarkets Consum to develop a more efficient and attractive store, thus improving the shopping experience of its customers.

After analyzing the different characteristics of the products, part of our innovative solutions were implemented:

- Next™ System: In candies and baby wipes, achieving a noticeable increase in the visibility of the exposed products.

- Facer™ System:Canned vegetables, olives, smoothies, soft drinks, cellar, air fresheners, multipurpose and desorantes, facilitating the front and helping to save time in the replacement of the product.

- Roller Track™ System: In infant feeding, candles and nail polish removers, achieving remarkable improvement of the visibility of the category and a smaller time dedicated to tasks of replacement.

The result, a more attractive store, with a considerable increase in the visibility of the products in the linear and also achieving a quantitative reduction in hours of replacement and front of the product by the store staff.

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Project "Innovation" | Consum, Spain |
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Project "Innovation" | Consum, Spain

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